Activities & Excursions

Catamaran cruise

An unforgettable sailing experience on the sumptuous seas off Mauritius’ west coast, bursting with fish, and where dolphins, very often, may come to greet you. Dropping anchor in the lagoon of the île aux Bénitiers, next to the Crystal Rock, provides a panoramic view of the Black River mountain range, and offers the opportunity to enjoy a barbecue prepared by our crew.

Big Game Fishing

Mauritius is known as one of the best fishing destinations worldwide for the possibility of catching most of the different type of Billfish around the globe such as the Blue Marlin, the Black Marlin, the Sailfish, the Stripe Marlin, the Spearfish and the Swordfish. The west coast of Mauritius is famous for it’s fishy water where international fishing competition are held in summer. Experience the thrill of fighting a large number of fishes from the big ones to the small ones namely the yellow- fin tuna, the wahoo, the dorado all year round.

Speed Boat

Exclusive, tailor-made outings to enjoy the exciting experience of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat. If you are a little more adventurous, you might even seize the unique opportunity to join the spinner and bottle-nose dolphins for a swim in the crystal clear waters off Maurius’ west coast.

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